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What is dry ice?

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide (CO2) that sublimates under normal pressure at −78.48 ° C, i.e. passes directly into the gas phase without melting beforehand. Dry ice does not occur naturally on Earth, but in the CO2-rich atmosphere of Mars it freezes in winter at higher latitudes and forms the well-known polar caps. Some meteoroids also contain large amounts of it.

Dry ice
FAZINATION at -78.48 ° C

Gloves and safety glasses should be worn when handling dry ice. Swallowing dry ice is life-threatening due to the risk of suffocation and cold burns.

  • Non-flammable – have you ever seen burning ice?
  • Non-toxic – dry ice is natural CO2 and therefore environmentally friendly
  • Not electrically conductive – ideal for cooling EDP systems
  • Bacteria-inhibiting – dry ice prevents bacteria from spreading

Dry ice is a white, water-ice-like and odorless solid. At normal pressure, dry ice sublimes at −78.48 ° C (194.67 K) and requires 571.1 kJ / kg (or 25.1 kJ / mol) for this phase transition. Since the triple point Pt of carbon dioxide is Tt = 216.58 K (−56.57 ° C) and pt = 5.185 bar, carbon dioxide can only melt above 5.185 bar. The density is about 1.56 g · cm − 3 and is thus higher than that of water. The critical point Pc of carbon dioxide is at a temperature of Tc = 304.13 K (30.98 ° C.) and a pressure of pc = 73.75 bar. 1 m³ of dry ice weighs around 1500 kg, depending on the pressure, while 1 m³ of gaseous carbon dioxide at 0 ° C and 1013 hPa weighs only 1.98 kg. With sublimation, this means a change in volume of 760 times. The Mohs hardness of dry ice is 1 to 3 depending on the pressure used during manufacture.

More information can be found at Wikipedia: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trockeneis

Dry ice, a “hot” product for cooling

Ce-02 Trockeneis GmbH, founded in 1999, has a steadily growing dry ice production in the immediate vicinity of Düsseldorf Airport. Since then, well-known companies from the food, research, chemistry, biotechnology, catering, event management and industrial cleaning sectors have been our regular customers.

CNC-controlled dry ice machines are used to manufacture dry ice pellets 3mm, dry ice nuggets 16mm and dry ice blocks with a thickness of 20 – 65 mm.