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Dry ice pellets have been used extensively in cleaning processes for some time. Also for cooling a wide variety of products on longer transport routes in polystyrene containers.


Dry ice keeps it fresh. The cold chain must never be broken, especially with perishable foods. That can be a challenge. Dry ice is the best solution for cooling different kind of foods.

  • Cooling of meat, poultry, fish, dough, eggs, and natural organic and frozen products.
  • Keeping grapes fresh after grape harvest, withdrawal of tartrate
  • Cooling of food, drinks and buffets
  • Freeze-drying in food processing
  • Mash cooling & protection against oxidation protection in winemaking

Dry Ice

Dry ice can save lives. Many medical products and laboratory samples must be cooled, even during transport. Dry ice is the ideal medium for this.

  • Permanent cooling during storage of pharmaceutical products
  • Use in cryotherapy, for example icing of warts
  • Quick cooling of samples and serums in the laboratory
  • Cooling of biological & chemical samples in research
  • Cooling of blood or transplants for transport
  • Use in dentistry for example in a sensitivity test


Dry ice cleaning is a completely dry, fast and effective cleaning process. It is non-toxic, non-abrasive, non-conductive and non-corrosive. In countless areas and industries you can find applications for dry ice.

  • Remove graffiti, soot and dirt from walls, asphalt and many other surfaces
  • Removal of paints, greases, lubricants and release agents
  • Removing mold. Even wood is completely freed of 99.9% of spores and disinfected
  • Cleaning of food-processing machines and bacterial decontamination of eg. Salmonella etc
  • Cleaning of sensitive electronic, switching and EDP systems
  • Cleaning of high performance engines, whether in motorsport or aviation
  • Runway cleaning up to runway lighting

Dry Ice AIR

Dry ice brings you to your destination. Aviation is characterized by high design, construction, safety and above all maintenance requirements. We are up to these requirements and refrigerate their freight during worldwide transports. Dry ice is a universal companion, as it is in many areas, including aviation.

  • Cooling of cargo in global air traffic
  • Keep food and drinks fresh during the flight


Dry ice is used in industry for cooling and cleaning. It is also, in many application areas, the most effective, fastest and most cost-effective solution.

  • Freeze pipes for internal pipe cleaning
  • Cleaning of operational facilities and machines of all kinds
  • Cold shrinking & hardening in the metal industry
  • Deburring in the plastics industry
  • Cooling of overclocked processors and server systems
  • Cooling of motors in racing
  • Mist effects for the event & entertainment industry
  • As a research object in space travel (dry ice is found in natural form on Mars)


Whether on water, on land or in the air, dry ice keeps your goods fresh and cool, even on long journeys.

  • Cargo cooling in aircraft, container ships, trains and trucks
  • Transport cooling of food
  • Transport refrigeration of refrigerated and frozen products
  • Transport cooling of chemical and biological samples as well as transplants

Dry ice, a “hot” product for cooling

Ce-02 Trockeneis GmbH, founded in 1999, has a steadily growing dry ice production in the immediate vicinity of Düsseldorf Airport. Since then, well-known companies from the food, research, chemistry, biotechnology, catering, event management and industrial cleaning sectors have been our regular customers.

CNC-controlled dry ice machines are used to manufacture dry ice pellets 3mm, dry ice nuggets 16mm and dry ice blocks with a thickness of 20 – 65 mm.