CE-O2 Trockeneis GmbH

A company of the 2M Group of Companies, is a nationwide operating dry ice producer. Founded in 1999 in the immediate vicinity of Düsseldorf Airport, CE-O2 Trockeneis GmbH now operates eight delivery locations throughout Germany. Regular customers include various well-known companies from the food, research, chemistry, biotechnology, catering, event management and industrial cleaning sectors.

CNC-controlled dry ice machines are used to manufacture dry ice pellets 3mm, dry ice nuggets 16mm and dry ice blocks with a thickness of 20 – 65 mm.

As a reliable, powerful and flexible dry ice producer, partner of Air Liquide Deutschland GmbH, we are there for you. Do you have any questions, do you need an offer, then contact us at +49 211 545997-60 or send us an email to info@ce-o2.de.

Many variations of dry ice

What is dry ice?

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide (CO2) that sublimates under normal pressure at −78.48 ° C, i.e. passes directly into the gas phase without melting beforehand. Dry ice does not occur naturally on Earth, but in the CO2-rich atmosphere of Mars it freezes in winter at higher latitudes and forms the well-known polar caps. Some meteoroids also contain large amounts of it.